“What is Ghostwriting?”

“What is Ghostwriting?” ( an older post )


I received an email from someone who wanted to know what ghostwriting was about; so, I will share my response with you all.

Now, an individual (name withheld) writes … “What do you ghostwrite about, and what is it?”

My response:

 As for the concept of ghostwriting, it can be looked upon as a type of writing agreement that takes place between two people; the person who wishes to have something written, and the person who does the actual writing or editing. The “ghost factor” comes into play when the person who agrees to do the actual writing also agrees to remain anonymous or “a ghost” to readers or to the general public. The ghostwriter is considered “a ghost” because his or her name does not get attached or credited to the piece of writing. Instead, “the original author”; the person who requests that the writing be completed by the ghostwriter, gets his or her name assigned to the writing.

… So, essentially, the ghostwriter is a voice for the author. It may be agreed that the voice is a mimicking voice, meaning that it carries the same qualities of the “original author”; thus, no one really knows that the original author is not the one who really wrote the piece unless it is agreed between the two parties involved, that this information be known.

Note that not all writing projects completed by the ghostwriter are in a “mimicking voice”, and not all writing projects are rightfully owned by persons requesting ghostwriter services. The ghostwriter may agree to use his or her own voice when taking on a writing project, and may also agree to place some projects under more specific or strict buyer and copyright laws.

Furthermore, writing projects requested by persons needing ghostwriting services may include: editorials, blogs and internet content, personal accounts/autobiographies, biographies, reviews, speeches, research, instruction manuals, children’s & juvenile books, poetry, screenplays, song lyrics, commercial lyrics, public service announcements, novels, and short stories. As a ghostwriter, I take on all the project types listed above. * To date, I no longer take on all of the aforementioned projects. However, I am interested in singers who might wish to collaborate with me; I like to write songs.*

There are a plethora of sources online that describe briefly or in detail, just what a ghostwriter does, and who is most likely to benefit from hiring a ghostwriter. Thus, if you are thinking about hiring a ghostwriter, but would like to learn more about what a ghostwriter does, check online sources to get a general or more specific idea about what ghostwriting is all about. You can also check out a bit of my poetry below. 

What is Ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is not so much about me

you see.

For I am who or what you need me to be.

 Your commercial jingles, song lyrics,

 storybook fantasy?

Your autobiography, news editiorial,

whatever sets you free

I’ll be,

  and I’m your voice if that’s your choice,

 but it’s YOUR name printed on the sleeve.

 It’s my edit,

your credit

( and before I forget it; )

for details, a message do leave

 about legalese or fees, and college degrees?

(Mine come in threes), but who needs


when writing your plays and soliloquies?

 I’ll take only my 5 or 6 senses,


 and a pen, a pad or computer keys.

                                                                                   —Linda Ghostwriter

Who Am I ?

 Who am I?

Who are you?

I am you.

    That’s what I do.

                                                                                   —Linda Ghostwriter

If You Can Think It

If you can think it, it will come.

If you can write it, it will be done.

I am a ghostwriter, my thoughts are true

                                       …and it’s because my thoughts are YOU.

—Linda Ghostwriter

Best Wishes … I hope this helps!

     Linda Ghostwriter 

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talkoriolesbaseball.wordpress.com and layersuponlayers.wordpress.com

                                               Talk Orioles Baseball and Layers Upon Layers!

Originally posted on May 2, 2012 by Linda Ghostwriter

If you’ve reached this blog ( Instant Advice! ) and are looking for quick and easy advice, post your question! To view my baseball blog, that is if you are a Baltimore Orioles fan, go ahead to http://talkoriolesbaseball.wordpress.com/

If you are not an O’s fan, maybe you like baking and writing. If so, I’ll meet you at www.layersuponlayers.wordpress.com , my blog where baking meets poetry and prose!

Happy blogging!

-Linda Ghostwriter

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Layers Upon Layers …Where Baking Meets Poetry and Prose

Layers Upon Layers …Where Baking Meets Poetry and Prose

If Linda Ghostwriter seems to have “disappeared”, it’s because she’s been at her baking, poetry, and prose blog! That’s right! It’s http://layersuponlayers.wordpress.com/

As much as Linda Ghostwriter enjoys reaching out to others and providing answers to those everyday, and not so everyday questions; all of the excitement seems to be “rising”among the cakes, poetry, and prose! Please allow me to explain using the following excerpt, taken from the About section of my baking blog. To read in it’s entirety, along with the posts I’ve submitted thus far, visit the blog!!!

The following excerpt was taken from the About section of my blog at http://layersuponlayers.wordpress.com/

… Last year, I fell in love with baking. I was especially interested in baking cakes, so despite my busy day-to-day; I decided to bake at least one cake per month, for one year.  Of course, I already love to write, so for each blog entry on his blog; I’ve decided to share a photo of one of my cakes, and attached to the photo will be either a poem, commentary or short story of some sort, written by me … just to make it fun …

So, the fun seems to be “baking” at  http://layersuponlayers.wordpress.com/ and yes, I am having fun.

Linda Ghostwriter

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East Coast Earthquake Advice … Shake Up and Serve!

East Coast Earthquake Advice … Shake Up and Serve!

Originally posted on August 28, 2011 by Linda Ghostwriter

If you ask me, an earthquake is an earthquake whether it hits the West Coast or the East Coast and even though the strengths may be different; safety precautions are the same … basically, “try to stay safe”. So … okay, I’m not a meteorologist, and if I were, I surely wouldn’t be making non-factual statements such as “an earthquake is an earthquake”. Instead, I would be pointing out the differences between one earthquake from another, and using the appropriate terminology, and I would know what it is I don’t know about earthquakes, …but as for me, I don’t know all of what I don’t know about earthquakes and the reason is no more that I am from the East Coast, than it is that I am just plain oblivious to all of this earthquake safety talk! … And yes, earthquake safety seems to be all the talk ever since this past Tuesday when the East Coast Earthquake of 2011 touched down and shook up the psyches of East Coast babes within Virginia, Maryland, New York, DC, and even off the coast to Massachusetts and Maine.

Now… when the catastrophe hit, who thought that the cat was having the territorial mark of a life time ( a co-worker of mine actually thought that!), or the car transmission was going up? If you are like me, maybe you thought a wild animal had escaped and found it’s way into the house, and under your bed and was trying to find it’s way out, or maybe you thought the scene from The Exorcist was re-creating itself and using your bed and bedroom, and possibly YOU for its 4th sequel and was choosing YOU, because lately you happen to have watched more than your share of psychological thrillers ( Are you talkin’ to me?) … In addition, you found the AMC Walking Dead television series to be a surprisingly “tasty” piece of entertainment last year, and you had been secretly anticipating the series continuing this fall (tsk – tsk) and it had been etched in your subconscious for quite some time. Don’t laugh, but I actually thought the first two scenarios of wild animal and of demon possession was really happening until I heard and felt the dresser bump, bump , bumping along the bedroom floor as a neighborhood teenager yelled out, “Do you feel that … what the @!#* is that?” Then after popping up from off my knees, after looking under my bed for wild animals, and before phoning my husband, I immediately went to the internet where EARTHQUAKE was the front and center headline.


Meanwhile, a neighborhood teenager’s one sided cell phone conversation confirmed what only part of my brain could understand, believe, and admit  … “They had an earthquake …they are letting them out early because they say it’s unsafe” … That was the final clue that convinced me that what part of my brain was trying to say to me from the start, was right; we (and not just “they”) just had an earthquake.

Now that I was ready to accept the truth, I was free to think about what to do in the event of aftershocks, or in the event of another full earthquake in the near or distant future. Which brings me to the full -course of this post, which is to shake up and serve some East Coast earthquake advice for those of you who like me, may have been drilled with what to do in a fire, tornado, flood, and hurricane; but know very little about what to do in an earthquake other than  to “cover your head with a sturdy object, hold on and wait”. So, I will attempt to be of some sort of help for those of you who are looking for tips on what to do if an earthquake was to hit the East Coast, again.

I have selected 4 online sources that seem to offer clear and concise, tips that are more useful than the tips given by some sources where “try to stay safe until the shaking stops” is the only advice given. I chose only 4 because Hurricane Irene is headed this way and is expected to hit tonight or tomorrow, so from one disaster threat to another, I must prepare for what may very well end up being just a bad rain storm, but one must prepare just the same, right? So, while tuning into the latest on Irene … I have taken but a moment to post 4 online sources that may “shake up” your desire for earthquake safety tips. The sites are http://www.fema.gov/ , http://www.redcross.org/, http://www.scec.org/ (Southern California Earthquake Center — if this site is too full of information to sort through, a quick link from this site, that will take you straight to the earthquake safety tips is http://www.earthquakecountry.info/ )

Now, that was easy wasn’t it? Take your pick. I won’t provide a review of the sites, but they all give quick, useful, and pretty clear and concise information. Plus, from theses sites, links for even further information can be found. Also, you can always check the government site for your state, to find quick tips and local warnings, and on a subjective note … why not check out sites from states that are used to having earthquakes, like the South California site listed above ? … If anyone knows more about earthquake safety, it might just be the West Coast!!

So, go ye forth ye East Coast dweller, and be prepared! Now that we’ve had a taste of a 5.8 earthquake, the next time one hits, we won’t have to think that we are being attacked by a wild animal or being taken over by a bed demon. We can now be armed with some sort of plan and protection ( as much protection as we can possibly get in an earthquake). So, don’t go around or let your loved ones go around hungry for answers about earthquake protection … Shake up and serve some good ‘ole East Coast earthquake safety advice, today!

Until next time … Stay safe, East Coast!

~Linda Ghostwriter

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Great Grapes…Great Husband…Great Gardening Advice!

Great Grapes…Great Husband…Great Gardening Advice ( or maybe not )!

Posted on August 4, 2011 by Linda Ghostwriter

I have to “shout about” my husband. I came home from work today to the most delicious grapes, all cold and freshly washed, and still on stems; nestled in a chilled metal bowl … just waiting to be plucked and devoured on this repeat -of -a hot and scorching, triple digit summer day. You may think, “grapes … what’s the big deal about grapes?” Well, my husband grows his own grapes, and has been doing so for the last 7 years. He commits himself to it, and learns what works from year to year, and the “fruit” of his labor is definitely in the …well, it’s in the fruit. It’s in the texture and flavor, and I have to say that his grapes are so ripe and sweet like the most cherished bottle of sheltered wine; which reminds me to send out a “cheers” to my husband, who just started his gardening blog, at the tail end of July (Just 5 days ago, 2011).  He is brand spanking new to blogging, and I am excited for him. He has found just another hobby for which he has great knack, and for which falls naturally into his “Vince – of – all trades” list.

My hubby’s grapes!      

“… the most delicious grapes, all cold and freshly washed, and still on stems; nestled in a chilled metal bowl … just waiting to be plucked and devoured…”

   Are you ready to be served?

 “… his grapes are so ripe and sweet like the most cherished bottle of sheltered wine.”

   Hubby gazes at grapes!  

Furthermore, he is indeed a winner when it comes to many things like growing grapes, cooking incredible dishes, and eating healthy. Not to mention, he’s handy with repairs, and is skilled with building things and with “planning and visualizing” home remodeling (I’ll cut him slack …the weather has been extremely hot to actually DO the remodeling.) He’s even great with cutting coupons, grocery planning and shopping, and is just an overall, organized and rare domestic god (… thank you, heavenly father!). Oh, and he gardens! Yes, he’s a gardener and learning more about his love of greenery more and more each day of the growing season and of the off-season too, which leads me to a thought about advice, since this IS an advice blog! My thought is … I am not a gardener, but I can give you great gardening advice! My advice is … if you need great gardening advice or have a gardening question … *ASK MY HUSBAND! (I’m glad I could be of help.)

*Unfortunately, my husband no longer has his gardening blog. He tried his hand at it though and that deserves a big applause from me!

Until next time … don’t be shy when you stop by. If you have a comment or question, let it fly!


– Linda Ghostwriter

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